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by Brother Neil O'Donnell

Is there a way that a New Testament church can be healthy without obedience to all aspects of the Great Commission?  Can your church be obedient by simply giving money to missions?  If not, then the question has to be asked, “Is your church a healthy church?”

I was a pastor for several year before I ever went on mission.  The churches where I pastored gave to Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong.  We gave to the Cooperative Program, but I didn’t lead the church to make the sacrifices necessary to Go as Jesus commanded. 

There was a moment in time when I believe the Holy Spirit got ahold of me and I made a shift in my thinking and I began to concentrate on going on mission.  Our church began to have a vision outside of ourselves.  There was a new fire, a new excitement.  My personal belief is, “if you are not leading your church to GO on mission you are not leading your church to be a healthy New Testament church.”

There really are no excuses.  Oh, I made them for years, but when it comes right down to it, if the Lord Commands it and we don’t do it then we aren’t being obedient.  So, our church can never be the church God expects it to be.

Is this too harsh?  Am I being too blunt?  I probably am for some, but aren’t we responsible to tell the truth of scripture.  It’s easy for us to allow this to be looked over.  Staying at home is so comfortable.  There is nothing easy about going to Mexico or India or China.  You will be gone for a week or so and probably will need a bottle of Pepto while you’re gone.  Things will smell bad, you will get hot and sweaty and it will disrupt your life.  You will be tired and dirty. 

But, Jesus died for you and I, it’s our reasonable service to follow His commands.  We have prepared a wide variety of mission offerings for our churches.  We will help you through the process, the filling out of passports, visas and other requirements.  All you have to do is be willing to GO. 

We always hear people say things like, “why go so far away when we have people right here in our own back yard who need the gospel?”  That is very true, and we have a variety of ministries here in our own back yard.  We have Choices Pregnancy Center mission field.  We have KBA church camp mission field, we have the Kiamichi Men’s Retreat mission field, we have Vacation Bible School mission field and I can go on and on.  Plus many churches do local missions on their own.

The main reason why we go to other states and other countries around the world is because Jesus commanded it.  It’s about obedience.  When a door opens and literally thousands are listening to the Gospel and following Christ each day we should be a part of it.

So, as you look forward to this summer, start asking yourself the question, “Is my church a healthy New Testament church?”  If it’s not, then move it toward becoming healthy and GO.




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Please note that the date has been changed for the North Zone brotherhood meeting. It will NOT be on the 28th, as that is Memorial Day week-end, but be on Monday night the 18th, @ 7 pm. Location is the same, @ Friendship Fellowship Baptist.

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