February 2016   
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Celebrate Recovery Group
6:00 PM
Tuesdays @ Cross Community Church
Misistry Wives Meeting
6:30 PM
@ LBA Center
South Zone Brotherhood
6:30 PM
Family Valentine Banquet, @ Whitesboro FBC


"Set Free" Support Group Prayer Ministry
7:00 PM
LBA Conference Rm. New Meeting night.
Poteau, OK

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  • ReConnect registration at FBC Poteau, August 23rd.
  • Pastor from FBC Edmond addresses church leader attendees. 168 in attendance.
  • Break time at ReConnect Sunday School conference, many area churches represented.
  • India Pastor's Conference Ready to start!
  • Retreat team arriving to lead the conference.
  • Sister Joshna & local pastor greeting Bro. Neil
  • Bro. Cyril opening words for conference
  • Rural area pastors attending the training conference.
  • Sister Joshna sharing with the pastors.
  • Pastor Wes Bates teaching with the help of his interpreting.
  • Widows receiving new Sari's from our ministry team.
  • Storms Hit Our Area!
  • Chainsaw Crews with Oklahoma Disaster Relief go to work!
  • Oklahoma women at work with Disaster Relief efforts too.
  • Many Prayer opportunities during these times.
  • Sign in for training for Disaster Relief volunteers
  • Room packed for volunteer training.
  • Youth volunteers fill up back row seats.


by Brother Neil O'Donnell

Can we talk?  I mean can I say some things without someone getting offended?  I hear stories of “safe zones” where our college students want to set a part areas where there is no negativity.  Someone explain that one to me.  What is a safe zone?  There not talking about gun free zones.  They are talking about setting aside places where no negative talk can be heard.  Sounds a whole lot like an area where freedom of speech is not welcome to me.  Maybe I just don’t understand and someone needs to enlighten me. 

Is this what things have come to?  We are so sissified that we can’t accept when someone has a different view about life than we do.  Ok, I’m not going to complain here.  I choose to look at this odd culture we are living in and see the bright side.  And there is one. 

The bright side is that there is nothing wrong with our culture that a great big dose of the Holy Ghost would cure.  What our culture needs is a one on one chat with the Savior.  A face to face visit with the one who created the world, died for the world, and then rose on the 3rd day to rescue the world.  This is not a “woe is me” time we live in.  This is a “we don’t have very far to go to win a soul” time we live in.  We need to stop shaking our heads in dismay and start sharing the only thing that can fix what afflicts us. 

We are afflicted by self.  Some are self-righteous, some self-absorbed, some are self-centered.  We are instructed by the world that it’s all about self.  I mean after all, it’s called an I-pad, an I-phone, an I-pod.  It’s all about I.

What we need is to become selfless. The definition of selfless is “showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others.  Now that is a novel idea.  Putting your spouse first, putting your children first, putting your co-workers first, putting the lost first, and here is the best one of all…..putting God first!

It’s not all about putting others first materially.   It’s not just feeding, clothing and loving.  It is about putting their spiritual condition first as well.  When you walk into a room full of people, or a store full of people, or a gymnasium or stadium full of people what do you see?  What you should see is lost people.  You know “Dead People Walking”.   “Spiritual Zombies”.

Scripture says, “And you were dead in the trespasses and sins.”  (Ephesians 2:1)  Statistics tell us at best in the state of Oklahoma about 1/3 of the people are Christians.  That means 2 of every 3 people you meet on the street, at the store or at a game are lost as a goose and going to hell.  When they take the permanent dirt nap they are going to bust hell wide open. 

So what do you see when you walk in a room?  What do you think about when you hear about a tragic accident or a large number of people who are killed at one time?  Should you be asking yourself, “I wonder if those people were saved?”  Or better yet, shouldn’t we get ahead of the game and start asking the question, “I wonder if my neighbors are saved? 

Listen, all I’m saying is it’s time to stop complaining about what is going on in our world and start doing something about it.  After all, lost folk are just doing what lost folk do.  You really can’t hold them responsible.  The responsibility lies with those of us who aren’t doing the job we ought to do.


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