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My Two Cents’

When I was a very young, you know a century or so ago, we had this new family move to our community.  They were a little different.  Their clothes were not exactly like the rest of us, and when we had a basketball game at school, or a class party, they wouldn’t drink coke or any other caffeinated drink.   One of the boys in the family was in my class.  His name was Darrel.  He was quiet, polite and very respectful of the teachers.  I don’t remember him ever getting into any kind of trouble.

The one thing that really stood out though was when we had a ballgame the family would sit together.  When it was time for the national anthem and everybody else stood up and put their hand over their heart; they sat quietly in their seats.  They were a part of a particular religion that doesn’t believe in saluting the flag or standing for the national anthem.  They didn’t even celebrate birthdays or Christmas or any holidays for that matter. 

I tell you that story simply to put a little perspective on what is happening in our society right now.  This idea is nothing new.  I remember asking my dad about it back then.  He said, “Well, I don’t like it son, but they have a right to do whatever they want because this is America and in America you are free to do these things.”  I also remember that I never thought anything about it after that.  It wasn’t a big deal with the rest of the kids or families.  No one bullied him for it and no one said much of anything.  I guess it’s because it was a given for us that America wouldn’t be America if you couldn’t worship or believe whatever you want.

Now we come to the things that are happening today.  I think the protestors who are “taking a knee” during the National Anthem are terribly wrong.  And I believe that my beliefs, though they are only my beliefs, are reasonable. 
First, it’s a political protest.  I don’t know about you, but if I bring my politics into my workplace I am cruising for a bruising from the company I work for.  You can think any way you want, but you follow company protocol when you are on the job.  Whether you’re welding a piece of pipe or running around in the grass chasing a piece of leather you are still “on the job”. 

Second, the base salary for these protestors is $675,000 dollars per year.  That is per year not in a lifetime.  And they don’t even have to work all year long.  That means the guy who just barely is making it on an NFL team is making at least $675,000.  The total salaries of all the NFL players combined in 2016, were $4,960,000,000.  If you had any trouble with all of those zeros it’s nearly 5 billion dollars.  I checked some statistics today from and 80 percent of the people in the United States make less than $90,000 per year. 

Most of that 80 percent salute the flag and stand for the National Anthem.  These celebrated few are protesting something that most of us love and they have no clue about how we live from day to day.  I think Newt Gingrich said it best, “If you are a multi-millionaire and you feel oppressed you need a therapist not a publicity stunt.” 

Third, we have millions of people on the Texas coast suffering right now without homes because of a hurricane and a flood.  We have millions of people suffering along the Florida coast for the same reason.  We have fires in the Northwest part of the country, we have earthquakes in Mexico and even more people suffering and dying in Puerto Rico and the other Caribbean islands from hurricanes and these guys feel oppressed.
I hear people saying they aren’t going to watch the NFL anymore.  They aren’t buying anymore NFL stuff.  Ok, good for you!  That is your right.  As for me, I haven’t been much of a fan since the Dallas Cowboys fired Tom Landry and that was eons ago.  Not watching them doesn’t bother me because I haven’t watched an entire pro football game in 20 years.  So that isn’t much of a protest for me.  I am really tired of all of these protests anyway.

Here is a different perspective for you though.  The truth is I am just one guy living in a small remote area of this great country.  I can’t control any of this.  What other people do and think is out of my area of influence.  But the One who can control this, and the One who is in control of everything on this earth, seems to be left out of the entire discussion.  Absolutely nothing is going to change until we Christians, collectively get off of our high horses, and make a conscious decision to “take two knees” in prayer.  The God I read about in the Bible controls the weather, the nations, and everything else that moves or breathes.  Your prayer life is what will change things not your protests. 

In Acts chapter 12 when Herod cut of James the apostle’s head and threw Peter in jail with the idea of doing the same thing to him the next day.  The followers of Jesus didn’t protest the situation down at the local store.  Instead they prayed and let God do the work.  Sounds like a plan to me.



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