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OCC Shoebox Drop Off- Samaritans Purse
Please observe times listed: M-W, 10-4, Th-Sat. 10-2, Sun 2-4, M,9-11


OCC Shoebox Drop Off- Samaritans Purse
Please observe times listed: M-W, 10-4, Th-Sat. 10-2, Sun 2-4, M,9-11
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What can you do with $30,000.00? That’s quite a bit of money. You could take 20 mission trips to Mexico or Nicaragua. You could buy 30,000 Bibles in any foreign language to be distributed. You could sponsor 10 pastors for a year with online seminary classes. There are a number of things you could do in the kingdom if you could lay your hands on $30,000.00.

Well, let me bring you to my point. At the rate we are paying off our associational debt right now we are 4 years away from wiping it out. 4 years of interest money at the current interest rate is around $30,000.00. $30,000 dollars that we could keep in God’s kingdom to support a wide variety of ministries.

We have done a tremendous job thus far of reducing the debt. We began a concerted effort to remove our debt 4 years ago and we have paid over $300,000.00 toward the principle thus far. That is a tremendous feat in in itself. Our debt has been reduced in 4 years from $429,900.00 to $129,800.00. Our churches and church members have really worked together to get this done.

During this time there have been 44 churches participate in some form or fashion toward the debt elimination. Now we are approaching a glorious time of celebration in the Lord when we can put this behind us. If all 44 of the churches who have already participated in the debt elimination will come together again we can have that mortgage burning celebration we so eagerly wait for.

It has become very manageable now. If each of the 44 churches that have already participated would come together and commit to $2,931.00 each it will be over. Your association hasn’t been debt free for 15 years, but by God’s mercy and grace we can be soon.

During the course of this debt elimination, we have been blessed with several individual gifts of $10,000.00 each. We have churches who have stayed the course with us during the entire process and have given thousands.

I am beginning to smell the paper burning. I normally don’t like the smell of smoke, but in this case I can make an exception. $129,800.00 is much better than $429,900.00 and we have been able to do that together. Well zero sounds better than $129,800.00. We truly are better together!




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