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This newsletter is to church members and the church lay-leaders.  I want to discuss a subject with you that is very touchy.  I don’t want to put you on a guilt trip, nor will I try and shame you into making a decision.  The only thing I want do is present some facts to you and then ask you to contemplate where your church is on the scale below.

The subject I want to deal with is financial compensation for your pastor.  Probably your pastor will never initiate this discussion because it is very uncomfortable for most pastors to talk about.  When a pastor loves a church then money is secondary.  However, he does have to take care of his family.

What we have done at the associational office is put together some information for our churches concerning financial packages.  The information I am sharing is compiled from a survey that is done every year by Guidestone Financial Group.  It gives you the figures on what the average church in Oklahoma does to take care of their pastor.  All of the information comes from and is available to you by simply looking it up.  Your church may be going above and beyond already or this might surprise you as to what other churches are doing to take care of their pastor.   

Whatever the case may be, I hope this information is helpful and I hope it gets the conversation started about what you can do to be sure you are showing your pastor the love and respect he deserves. 

I hope this is helpful as you move forward into a new year.  Please think about how important your pastor is to you and your church.


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