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From Your Director of Missions —-Neil O’Donnell

When I was in the 7th grade our family moved into a house in the country. The area where we moved was in what our school district called “no mans land” which meant we lived in one school district, but the only bus that ran by our house was from another school district. It sounds weird, but in order to get to school, I had to ride the bus from the school district I didn’t go to because it went close to the school where I was enrolled. That meant I had to get up very early in the morning and catch the bus from the other school and when it got close to my school, (within a block) I would get off and walk the rest of the way.

So, I always got to school an hour before anyone else. The only person at the school when I arrived was the Superintendant. I am pretty sure I wasn’t his favorite pupil and I know he wasn’t my favorite Superintendant, but every morning he spoke to me as I walked in and then he went about his business. He said the same thing to me every morning. It is something that has stuck with me my entire life. I didn’t get much from him, but I did get this. He asked me, “what are you going to do today to justify your existence?” He asked me that every day.

It’s a good question. It’s an even better question when you look at it through spiritual glasses. What are you going to do today to justify your existence in God’s kingdom? I haven’t read anywhere in God’s word where we are supposed to just exist for the sake of existing. I know that preachers all over the country have been preaching the truth of the Gospel message and also preaching the truth of God’s command to “GO” and make disciples for the last umpteen years. How many times have you heard a sermon from your pastor, or on the radio, or on TV about how God has commanded us all to be soul winners But……….

But, most of our churches are not growing their dying. Most of our preachers preach their hearts out and most of our members hear the truth and yet nothing much changes. If you are a soul winner and you spend time telling others about Jesus, then this article is not for you.

It's only for those who hear the truth of the Word, but never act on what they know to be the truth. If you think this is a harsh word from the Director of Missions you’re right. Someone read this letter before I gave it to over to be published and said to me, “I know this is the truth, but do you think it will make a difference to anyone?” My answer to that is, I have to write it because God has given me the platform to challenge His children and I must do it. It is one way I can justify my existence.

Does it make you feel just a little bit convicted to know what you are supposed to do and yet know that you are not doing it? It convicts me. I am not throwing stones at you. I am included in this. I need to stop right now and get on my knees and ask forgiveness for not being the soul winner God expects me to be. Ok, so I just stopped writing and spent time in prayer asking God to forgive me for my laziness.

Now here is the challenge to you. God has called each of us to tell others about Him. What are you doing to justify your existence? Isn’t it time to get things right? Isn’t it time to put the brakes on in your world, look into your heart and realize what God expects of you?

I am challenging you to stand up at the end of the church service this next Sunday, go forward and grab your pastor’s hand and tell him you have asked God to forgive you for not making a difference for the kingdom. Tell him you’re ready now to follow God’s command.

I am not talking about programs or plans or strategy. I am talking about living for Him and simply telling others about what He has done for you and what He can do for them. To be called a Christian and not be a person who tells others about Jesus is madness. What are you going to do to justify your existence in God’s kingdom?

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