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  • 2019 LBA Women's Conference

We missed all of you that were not able to attend Valorie's Retirement Party.  If you would like to see pics please click here.


Val’s Voice                         Changes Going On…

If you’ve been in or out of the LBA office this summer, you will notice some changes are going on! So, this is my last official newsletter to get into your hands. I’ve been blessed to serve under two Director of Missions in this Association in the past 10 years. Two godly men who loved this association and doing the work God has led them to do.

I’ve had the honor of working and serving 53 plus churches and their pastors. I’ve met people like Dr. Jim Gardner and his family and “Set Free” Ministries. Gregg Duncan who represents the Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children. Dr. Cyril Anthony and his beautiful family and godly mother, Sister Joshna, from India and currently in our area. What a privilege to serve in this capacity and meet people from all walks of life and ministry.

If it sounds like I’m boasting, you would be correct! I love this Association and what comes in and goes out our front doors! We have a lot to be proud of here and I wish each of you could experience all the ministries that start right here in this office! Ministries that start with your pastors and laymen & laywomen from Oklahoma, to Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, to India, Nicaragua, Haiti, Mexico! What goes on here is important! That’s where your money of support goes. Please don’t forget that! Our Disaster Relief team this year has been ‘out’ almost more than it’s been home. So if you have not found a place of service, we have a spot for you! You can serve anywhere from serving on mission trips or disaster relief, to building ramps at houses or churches, to training teachers to teach & get ready for VBS, and joint praise services at Runestone Park, to Foster Family care.

Though Monte and I won’t be too far away, I will miss the sweet fellowship of the LBA and the people who keep the ministries going!! BUT, I leave it in very good hands. Rachael Marrow will now get to experience serving and representing you in this capacity. She and her Pastor husband, Benny, serve at Page Baptist Church. I’ve known Rachael long enough to know her heart for ministry. She is also a trained volunteer for Choices Pregnancy Center. She is more than capable of handling this position Make her feel as welcome as you did me!





Valorie said it well. The one consistent thing we can all count on is change. This is a huge change for LBA. Valorie has lead me through the last 8 years and I appreciate everything she has done and the many hours of extra work she has put in over the years. I have always said, “I am the hurricane and Valorie is Disaster Relief.” Now she is turning the page and opening a new chapter to her life. I am just writing this short note to tell everyone how much I have appreciated her ministry here and to thank her for her servant’s heart. She will be missed, but thankfully she won’t be far away. Fortunately for us, she has agreed to come back and fill in when needed.


Thank You Valorie for Everything,


Brother Neil



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